Behind the Scenes -Throwback Lobster Boil on Style Me Pretty Living

If you’ve read my blog for more than 6 months you know that I love to celebrate.  Small, impromptu parties and more involved affairs that take months of planning – I love it all!  My affinity for artful stationery always takes me to one question for clients and myself when beginning a project – “what do you envision your celebration feeling like”.  Celebrations are about feeling; feeling a moment and making it last a bit longer, feeling an environment so strongly it gets burned in your brain forever…this is what I love about throwing parties and crafting celebrations – we get to craft a day of ideal moments that are strung together in our memories for life.

As you know I love to celebrate my team and usually I reserve those celebrations for Holiday time BUT this year we had so many blessings, I simply had to dream up a late summer party to to honor our good work done.  So here we are nearing November…my flip flops have been put away (so so sad) BUT I indeed have one last look at summer for you.  Think warm thoughts, lazy canoe rides, butter on your chin from a bit of lobster and homemade pecan pie.  Yes… here we go!

All Momental Celebrations begin with an invitation – yes the Momental Girls never receive one my invites in the mail.  They usually are passed out by hand one unexpected morning but the excitement and mystery they bring is no less than if the postman had delivered.


I started with bold inks in violet, raspberry and crimson.  Crane Lettra double thick stock was wet first and then by eyedropper the inks were splashed onto the wet paper.  Many color explosions ensued.  A bit of brushwork followed, to guide the color into the corners while dropping clean water onto the wet color created some surprising textural bursts!

The Momental Family crest was then letterpressed atop the painterly cardstock.  Of course I then added creamy neon inks by hand into each crest.  Envelopes were lined with my newest Dahlia pattern.

momental_designs369Custom Jones Sodas… of course!!

momental_designs366Each placesetting was a throwback to middle school in the 80’s…oh yes, I did just date myself!  Red cafeteria trays, Spirograph menus and classic silverware.  I added neon painterly packaging for handi-wipes and the lobster bib.  Finally my favorite detail…the watercolored crab mallet!!

momental_designs371Each menu was Spirographed and then individually watercolored!  Love, love these so much!

momental_designs389Papertini came on board to install an incredible centerpiece stretching the length of 12 feet of picnic table along the shore of a lazy, lovely pond.

momental_designs375Ah my favorite – the top down shot.  Jill and Ryan are always willing to climb a ladder to get these beauties for me!!  The dahlias…fresh picked from my parents garden just that morning!

momental_designs378The Coaltown Rounders played the night away…And this pavilion, oh this pavilion!!!! Dual fireplaces!!

momental_designs383Lakeside dinner started with heirloom tomato pies, crab fritters and fried green tomatoes!

momental_designs416Oh we ate and laughed and swung on cool 70’s hammocks and swings!

momental_designs387And The Coaltown Rounders sang their hearts out…They even let me up on stage for a song!  Pat from my favorite local restaurant, Gricos made the most amazing Watermelon Spritzers and yes I have the recipe for you!!

Watermelon/lemon/mint spritzer – 12-16 8 oz. Drinks, give or take

½ large seedless watermelon – the ones shaped like a football, not like a soccer ball
6 lemons, 3 cups sugar, 3 cups water, mint sprigs, club soda

The day before:
1.  Cut the rind away from the watermelon, leaving just the fruit.  Cut the fruit in large pieces and puree in food processor or blender.  Strain the resulting juice through a sieve.  Discard the pulp left in the strainer, package and refrigerate the juice.
2.  Wash the whole lemons, cut in half and juice.  Place the juice and the lemon halves in a large bowl.
3.  Make a simple syrup.  Place the sugar and water in a medium saucepan and cook over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved  and the mixture comes to a simmer.  Increase the heat to high and boil the liquid for about 5 minutes.  If you notice sugar crystals along the sides of the pot, paint the sides of the pot with plain water and a pastry brush.
4.  Immediately pour the syrup over the lemons and juice.  Bring to room temperature, cover and refrigerate overnight or at least 6 hours.  Then strain into a container.

To assemble:
Place a mint sprig in the bottom of each glass and crush with a spoon or muddler.  Add equal amounts of watermelon juice and lemon syrup to each glass until the glass is half full..  Stir.  Add ice and club soda.  Garnish with mint, a watermelon slice or lemon.

Note: feel free to adjust the amounts of each ingredient until you reach the flavor you want.
Add flavored vodka or rum if you’d like.
For a big event, make multiples of the watermelon juice and syrup and prepare pitchers in advance.

The afternoon called for much relaxing – canoe rides and glider sitting ensued.  Twin Ponds is a new wedding and event venue opening in 2014.  I cannot imagine a more serene and welcoming place for a rustic wedding.  This place will forever live in my heart.

momental_designs418Love this shot of my parents. XO

A beautiful mess as we feasted together…


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Lastly I cannot put into words the work of my fellow creatives.  Jill and Ryan have worked with me and shared their incredible gifts over the last few years.  Their generosity of spirit and talent fills me with joy and makes me grateful to know them.

The day we spent at Twin Ponds was full of creative energy and the spirit of friendship and welcome.  So grateful.

Photography – With Love and Embers  ::  Floral Design: Papertini ::  Food –  Grico’s  ::  Styling – Kristy Rice  ::  Band – Coal Town Rounders  ::  Hand Painted Stationery – Momental Design  ::  Linens – LaTavola Linen  ::  Venue –Twin Ponds

O LORD, how manifold are your works! In wisdom has thou made them all: the earth is full of your riches. – Psalm 104:24