Behind the Scenes – Mindy Weiss + Momental Designs!

The incomparable Mindy Weiss has redesigned her blog and it is…well, a work of art.  I first met Mindy at an industry conference where my sketches were featured.  You can imagine my shock when Mindy approached me with nothing but the kindest words about my artwork.  I think I am still blushing.  I’ve always admired Mindy’s quirky, personality-packed, whimsical style so when she asked if I would sketch for her new blog, I could barely contain my excitement.  Mindy was very trusting and gave only a few design perimeters to include using her signature shade of blue… Leila from Be Inspired PR worked alongside Mindy, myself and Flosites to ensure everything progressed smoothly.  After several design rounds, we had her favorites.  Next Flosites had the task of implementing each sketch.  So today I thought I would share a bit of the artwork!

First up was a new sketch of Mindy!  Then each blog category features unique sketches.  The watercolor peony pattern I created is perfect for wedding related posts!

Fashion and Trend posts called for sleek heels in fun pattern and textures.  I could sketch shoes all day long!

Party planning posts feature this melange of items from vases of flowers, brushes and pencils to cake stands and invitations.

Sketched ticket stubs seemed just right for Mindy’s Bar and Bat Mitzvah category!

Probably one of my favorites is this flower market sketch!

We all know Mindy loves her flea market trips so I created this eclectic mix of imagery from antique frames and lanterns to mason jars and chandeliers!

So thank you again to Mindy for bringing me on board and letting me sketch away! XOXO