A Peek into the Studio – Eclectic and Rustic Wedding Invitations

Remember this eclectic inspiration board? Well Catherine has traversed our design process over the last 2 months and a modern, quirky design was on the painting table this week as a result!  The Momental Girls all had a hand (literally) in the project from painting chevron patterns to adhering reception cards to vintage post cards.

Catherine chose a palette of sunny golds, shimmering tans with accents of opaque gray and burgundy.

Early on she fell in love with this ensemble for it’s eclectic mix of landscape sketches and this look for the antique palette of colors.  We designed a fun mix of pattern, landscape and bloom artwork and to keep things interesting we introduced bold painting techniques where each brushstroke was obvious against the shimmer stocks.

Gorgeous, textured twine was wrapped over the chevron patterned belly bands….

We collected old postcards, all lovingly used to act as borders for Catherine’s reception cards!

The invitations featured a variety of succulent sketches painted in creamy inks to really show off the shape of each petal.  My favorite was gray against Envelopments’ Burnt Sugar shimmer cardstock.

The finished look!  Have a look here for a peek at the program design!

So grateful to Catherine for being incredibly creative, open to new ideas and trusting of our design instincts!!