Behind the Scenes – Lilly Pulitzer-esque Watercolor Backdrop for Southern Weddings Magazine

Special projects for our favorite magazines are always the most fun.  When Leila at Be Inspired PR emailed and said the gals at Southern Weddings were interested in a painted backdrop…my heart stopped a bit!  How fun?!

I enlisted the help of my invitation artist/creative assistant and all around talented gal Jess D…well actually Jess Z. (she’s the Momental Girl who just got married)…


We painted away for the good part of two days – the finished piece was nearly 10 x10 feet!!


KT Merry photographed the entire Freshly Squeezed shoot…stunning images!  Want to see all the “juicy” details?  Head here and dive in!


Thank you so much for the team at Southern Weddings for the chance to experiment a bit.  Watercolor on canvas is whole new world.  The materials resist eachother a bit… initially, but only to come together all bright, washy and beautiful in the end.