Artful Admirations – Palomas Nest

Back in 2007 when I first started writing this blog I stumbled upon these lovely little ringbearer bowls on etsy.  I fell in love with their simplicity of form and material and the simple message of love each seemed to bear.  Well here we are 2 years later where the creations of Caroline of Palomas Nest can be found just about everywhere wedding.   Her message hasn’t been diluted by the widespread and well deserved press however as her creations are continually evolving.


On her site you can read more about Caroline, the process and her inspiration.  To quote directly “The inspiration for Paloma’s Nest lies in the purity of the materials used, and the idea that something so simple can be so bold.”  Well said.  As a colorist myself, I have great respect for artists who can elicit the same impact as I do in my detailed colorful pieces but with a reserved use of color and form.   There is something quite calming about Caroline’s smooth, creamy surfaces graced with a touch of texture or and added length of colored twine.


I am confident that our renewal ceremony in Zion National Park next year will somehow incorporate Caroline’s work.    I adore the little love tiles pictured about and can envision them tied to a bouquet.   Perhaps too as a special thank you gift for the guests who travel the long distance to join us, a Paolomas bowl with a custom inscription could be just perfect.  Well, enough of my out-loud brainstorming for now.

Thank you Caroline for your passion and essential presense in the wedding industry and beyond.  Your work is just what we needed.