A Week at the Beach – Hawaiian Paper Bloom Wedding Invitation

Another round of Beach Wedding Inspiration for you this week!  Did you miss Monday’s tribute to my favorite Destination Wedding Designs, take a look here?

We are asked often, what are the elements needed for a Destination Wedding Invitation?  Well, I’m sharing likely one of my favorite destination designs to date and mostly because it contains a perfect mix of elements designed to get your guests excited and informed!

A timeline…sweet watercolor illustrations are useful too in letting guests know what happens next.  We feel more comfortable when we know the next move, right?

The Map…although pretty, this little gem can get you where you need to go.

Abby and Brad were married at the iconic Haiku Mill in Maui so our lofty Sculpted Blooms seemed the perfect choice.  How about that fuchsia stamen?

We still have one more beach-y look coming your way this week…are you ready for a swim yet?