A Real Momental Wedding with Karen Tran Florals

As many of you know, Karen Tran is one of my favorites for inspirational eye candy and floral artistry that makes your mouth drop, quite literally.  Karen and I have collaborated on several projects in the last year but finally we were able to share a unique client this past November!

Loan (the Bride) came to me a little late admittedly, especially when custom design is involved BUT I was so thrilled with her ideas that taking on her project was never a question.  Several design revisions were needed as ideas evolved along with each custom sample I created.  We began with a more muted palette and from there introduced more vibrant hues that were at the same time reminiscent of natural shades.

Now onto the flowers…described by the bride herself:

“I worked very hard with Karen to convey the whimsical, natural, yet elegant feeling that I wanted for my wedding. It was very important to me to have hydrangeas in my wedding, because they were in the beautiful invitations you created for me.”


The arbor of orchids, hydrangeas and grapevine is breathtaking.  Karen’s ability to fuse rustic naturalism with sophisticated elegance is intriguing.


Loan chose a natural palette of caramel, green, chocolate brown and hints of purple.  Purple was somewhat difficult to combine with the caramel shade of hydrangea I painted for her invitations until I discovered this bark-like paper.  In addition to a natural, whimsical look, texture played a major role in the imitate yet lush style of Loan’s wedding.


A close look at the aubergine bark paper reveals a subtle shimmer and noticeable texture.  The paper felt supple and substantial at the same time (if that is possible)!


Lush caramel hydrangeas, adorned with painted dots and swirls was printed on a shimmering champagne cardstock.


Another look at that arbor and a peek at the reception!  Amazing day-of photography by Darin Fong.

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