A Celebration with some Momental Favorites!

What a better reason to host a giveaway, than in celebration, right?  As you might know it has been a fabulous two weeks here at The Momental Studio.  We are feeling quite blessed and would like to share the love!  I have put together a basket full of Momental favorites for the winner of this giveaway to be announced next Tuesday, January 19th at 12pm est!



So, you might be wondering, what is a Momental Favorite? The giveaway basket includes a few items I love to surround myself everyday with for one reason or another.  The Southern Weddings magazine is an example of true art in publishing and every page is more beautiful than the previous.  After requesting Paloma’s Nest Paper Mache hearts for a recent photo shoot, I  simply could not return them, as I smile each time I look!   Danielle and Company pure oats glycerin soap and pure vanilla lip balm are basic staples for pure comfort – love her stuff!  Moleskine journals and Shaprie black pens are my artistic staples.  I purchase the Sharpies in bulk for sketching and always carry a Moleskine journal with me to capture sudden ideas or an unexpected need to sketch!  Next up is something I am pretty sure I cannot live without – music!  So, to the winner, you will also enjoy a $15.00 Itunes giftcard!  Last but not least is a little suprise directly from the studio, created just for you!

So here is what you need to do to win! Take a moment to comment on this post and tell me what item, blog, magazine etc.  you cannot live without in wedding planning!

Remember, the winner will be chosen at random and announced next Tuesday, January 19th at 12pm est!

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