A Real Momental Wedding – Magdalena and Filip September 11, 2010

We spend months designing highly custom invites for our Brides and see tons of inspiration images, sketches from florists etc but often never the finished look.  Magdalena shared her  Equestrian chic event in Poland and we were enchanted.  Simplicity and sophistication are two words that seem to epitomize the celebration.   As of late themed weddings seem to be evolving into less structured more eclectic events but having a look at this wedding will makes a romantic case for theme once again,  if just for a moment…

What was your inspiration for your colors and/or theme?
Because this one day is all about Bride and Groom, we decided to choose what we really
like. Thus, the presence of equestrian themes was a must! A significant addition was a
bow (which I’m crazy about). For we both like pastels, we decided to choose the main
one (pale pink) and combine it with beige, white and grey or black (for contrast when

Tell us about the one thing you would not change about your wedding, and what is
the one thing you would change if you could?
The sure thing I would never change about my wedding is the Groom, of course!

Ok, ok… let’s be serious… 😉 I would never choose another place, date, stationery
creator, photographer or video operator. Actually, everything was even better than
I’ve imagined. And, surprisingly, instead of being nervous, we were really enjoying the
ceremony and reception.

The only improvement to the wedding would be an additional week of celebration! :

How did your stationery play a role in your wedding?
The invitations created by Momental Girls were a perfect prelude to the wedding itself.
They acquainted the guests with main colors and themes of the event what made them
excited about all the things to come. For the invites reflected our taste and unique
passion for horses, they were very personal and so extraordinary. They’re just a keeper!

I also have to say that thanks to you the process of creating the stationery was pure fun
and joy during (sometime difficult and stressful) wedding preparations!

Who was your photographer and your florist?
My photographer in Poland was Adam Wita (a great team – truly professional, discrete
and with priceless ability to make Bride, Groom and the guests feel comfortable and
relaxed while being “observed” by the camera).

The main florist and coordinator was my Mom! When it comes to the flowers and
decorations everything she touches changes into miracle. I couldn’t imagine anyone else
to take care of that part of the wedding!


Thank you so much to Magdalena for sharing this incredibly sweet and romantic collection of moments with us.