A Real Momental Wedding – JJ and Denise, Fernwood Gardens, Philippines

This stunning wedding deserves a two day post so that is what is will have!  When Denise emailed me her favorite shots I was totally in love and couldn’t wait to share!  Great style, impeccable sense of color and insane details epitomize this exotic wedding.  Erron Ocampo captured the couple and their party so beautifully I just had to dedicate this first post to them (stationery goodness to follow soon).  Fernwood Gardens is a lush quintessential rain forest/exotic tropical location in Manila, Philippines that acted as the romantic backdrop for JJ and Denise’s celebration.  It seems every inch of the space is dripping with organic color and texture.  What drew me most to the photos is the sense of natural light as it pools and trickles into the space of each photo – magical.

Lovely Denise.

Perhaps my favorite shot.  This one could inspire an entire wedding’s color palette with all its glittering goldeness.

Perfect examples of the role sunlight plays in the magic of all these shots.

Later this week I will be sharing more from the lavish party and the Vintage Lacy Tree Letterpress Wedding Invitations!