A Peek into the Studio – Watercolor Flowers and a Patriotic Suite

Well we are knee deep in 2013 or so we feel like  – hustling already and painting our hearts out for new projects unfolding everyday.  I’m so grateful for these days of making…Grateful to have paint on my hands at this very moment…Grateful to have a bustling inbox and good friends by my side…

With the flurry of projects we have in the works at any given time it can be hard to stop and just paint for the sake of painting.  Last night I did just that.  I’ve been experimenting with an old style of mine – something I did at the very beginning of Momental.  This watercolor look features no drawing first, no outlines it is all about the simplicity of a well thought out brushstroke, the fluid texture of watercolor against quality paper and they way one color floats gracefully into the next.

This style of painting takes tremendous self control…at least for me.  It is a practice in beautiful restraint.


The urge to add that one last perfect brushstroke to make it all just right needs to be resisted here.  Learning that moment where enough is just right will always be my journey.


And so here I have two new frames of watercolor blossom…let’s see where they take me.


Another inspiring and infinitely more pressing project this week… we’re wrapping these up for a group of heroes who should be honored everyday


So what else am I up to?

Honored to see our paperie for Abigail on United With Love last week!
Working with Chiviano Couture on a little something for April…
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