A Peek into the Studio – Spring in Full Bloom

For the last week or so in Pennsylvania, Spring has been in full bloom.  With temps in the 60’s and 70’s it is hard not to have a bit of Spring Fever.  Today I’m sharing some of my favorites from the last few weeks with designs focusing on…you guessed it, flowers!  Whether lavishly painted or subtly watercolored, these Spring Watercolor Wedding Invitations encompass all that is romantic and feminine.  Some are more traditional, other more flirty and whimsical.

Kelly’s save the date featured a single pink peony painted with layers of pink and white acrylic and some sheer shimmer inks as well.  Leaves were touched with a green shimmer ink to create a luxe look that seems to pop off the page.  The girls adored painting these as each brushstroke had so much personality and style.

Stephanie’s wedding invitations were highly inspired by her love of all thing’s Vera Bradley.  We began with a watercolor backdrop in shades of pink and then our Signature Vintage Lacy hand pressed pattern.  All painted in shades of pink and yellow, these blooms look as fresh as the first warm Spring day.

Jessica went with a baroque frame artwork motif embellished with Juliette roses and pink peonies.  So pretty.

Last but certainly not least is Krista’s Contrast Painted Bouquet of Blooms.  White hydrangeas and blush cherry blossoms make a big Spring statement here.

So get out there today and enjoy some of your day outside.  Take a deep breath in and pick some flowers for me!