Well Said – Thoughtful Ceremony Program Pages

I am a big fan of ceremony programs! I can’t think of a better way to include your guests and help them connect in a personal way to the ceremony. Often brides create very simple programs or exclude them totally for fear they will end up in the trash. I completely understand this fear but know of some great ways to ensure your guests will think twice before tossing their program after the ceremony. I am often asked to list some favorite details to include in a program so I thought I would share this list with you today!




Choose one or two of your favorites to be printed full length for your guests to follow along.

Thank you Note

Take some time to write a personal greeting of thanks. Your guests will certainly take notice.

Order of Service

Be detailed and specific, list all participants, music selections and readings. A nice detail –

include a sentence or two explaining the significance of each choice.


Add a timeline mapping out the day…this detail give the program purpose beyond the


“Did you know?” page

This is a fun one! The program is a perfect place to draw attention to all those special details

you have worked so tirelessly to create. For example on my “Did you know” page I mentioned

that my aisle runner was hand-painted by several artist friends and that my grandmother’s

broach was tied into my bouquet!

“Get to know the attendants” page

Instead of simply listing your attendants names why not include several sentences sharing

some fun. Here is an excerpt from Suzanne’s lovely flip style program above.


Taylor H.

Jason and Taylor met during their first math

class at Princeton. They went on to share

the same major, the same eating club, and even

many of the same friends. Sharing a love of

travel, they have been to California,

Switzerland, Paris, and even upstate

New York together. Taylor is generous, he loves

to laugh, and you can always count on having

fun when he’s around.”

The key to an engaging program that won’t be left on the seats – make it personal, make it meaningful, make it detailed.

Have a unique program page you would like to share – please do!!

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