Welcome Amy to the Studio

I am so thrilled to have Amy back with us for the summer.  She is just what we need to rock the busy upcoming season.  Her wit and savvy business sense are the perfect compliment to her painting and production skills!  So let’s get to know Amy:

Name: Amy Downey

Position: Invitation Artist

All-time Favorite Invite: This is a tough one for me, since I am known for picking a new favorite every time I’m in the studio. This week, I admired Christine’s elegant sculpted bloom invitations. The ornate watercolor design combined with the exquiste sculpted bloom is so beautiful!


Favorite Color Combination: I adore the nature of watercolor, where one color bleeds into the next. Kristy’s watercolor illustrations that incorporate many colors are my favorite. I am especially partial to the blues and greens that capture the colors of the seaside.

Favorite Embellishment: I love the tags; such a great way to add a little extra dash of elegance to an artful design. I particularly enjoy the tags that include one of Kristy’s venue illustrations, foreshadowing the beauty of the event to come.

What has working at Momental Designs taught you? At Momental, I relish in the daily flow of ideas and creative ingenuity. We strive to always think outside the box, with fresh new ideas that challenge us to take our work to higher levels every time we pick up a brush. I cherish every moment of being able to work alongside Kristy, my best friend and a true creative genius. She has taught us to dream big, infuse those dreams with passion, and never give up until they are realized. There is nothing like a day at the studio to keep those dreams fresh in our minds.