Trend-Sketching NYC Bridal Market 2011 – Lela Rose

Lela Rose proved to be classic and clean with a wealth of surprises in the details. Effortlessly modern silhouettes were adorned with intricate beading, art deco embroidery and cameo necklines. Our attention was immediately drawn to the sculptural beadwork that had a whimsical and organic quality strung together with a contrasting gray thread. Brilliant!

A personal favorite was a trumpet gown with a modern take on sparkle, subtly woven throughout deco inspired arches and dotted with petite rosettes.  My sketches revisited this sophisticated take on a lattice pattern over and over woven together with structural bead-like suggestions and loads of floral finery.

Lela Rose is a master of suggestion and contrast.  She dives in deep with luscious details but knows just when to pair them with the cleanest of necklines or sleekest silhouettes.  All great artists must posses the skill of self-editing.  Lela rose is a master artist.

The Cameo neckline stole several moments during our visit.  We are in love with the elegant sweep that defines this graceful silhouette and are sure we will be seeing more.  As you can see from my sketches, I am already envisioning a fully fleshed out pattern of swoops and soft lines, abstract in nature but full of classic detail perfect for the most elegantly appointed custom wedding invitations!