Trend Sketching Bridal Market NYC 2012 – Monique Lhuillier

The much anticipated Monique Lhuillier runway is always a highlight of Bridal Market. The stage was set with whimsical white branches sprawling upwards and across the ceiling for a fairytale forest effect. The models sauntered in a figure eight fashion around the two clusters of limbs allowing their frocks to fan out to their full potential.  Our tweet the moment we saw this was “We just stepped into a little bit of magic”  So true…read on.

There is something about gown design that intrigues me.  Seeing an artist express themselves in textile, bead and burnish in the same way I interpret in paint, pencil and ink creates a certain camaraderie.  As artists we all share a common affinity for interpreting our surroundings, we have a need it seems, to make things fit.  Whether it be a painting for a couple’s invitation or designing a couture gown for a particular bride, the substance of making is in the small moments that transcend the obvious and overdone; the kind of moments that trigger the spirit and mind to flutter with excitement.   Monique Lhuillier’s every move on the runway inspired my brush with shimmering shadows and gestural detail.

Lhuillier played with structured beading and unexpected silhouettes.

Detached tulle trains trailed away from columnar gowns creating negative space while framing the tulle’s delicate nature.

Long lace sleeves and sheer backs with beading contouring the body presented a soft yet armor like effect with sheered layers and asymmetrical skirts adding to the dreamy yet structural vibe of the collection.

The room was alive with energy as my pencil hit paper in sketching this dream scape of dress moments.  Ms. Lhuillier’s grand vision walked the floor in a highly edited, mindful whisper, a whisper though, with so very much to say.