Trend Sketching Bridal Market NYC 2012 – Marchesa

When we read that Marchesa’s Fall 2013 collection was inspired by the heart of the Iris and the Bulgarian Rose, we were ready to be wowed.  Marchesa did not disappoint.

The show opened with jagged edged florals in silk chiffon cascading down and pooling on the floor.

Lavish scalloped beading with an exotic flare,  topped of a fluid column gown with drop pearls and smokey crystals.  Drawing this beaded pattern would make the hours slip by easily.  I know our couples would adore the intricacy here that effortlessly communicates a detailed grace.  Imagining this look into stationery is a natural next step, perhaps I shall peruse that thought further?

Intricate laces graced the gowns and headpieces alike creating a bold statement with soft pattern.

The show stopper for us was this ball gown with a bursting rose, whose torn petals fell from soft blush to white.  I’m fairly sure I will never forget the moment this creation hit the runway.  As an artist I can appreciate every mindful moment of hand sculpted textile and spiritedly swept silk gazar and tulle.  The designers’ passion is evident in each petal; it’s expert angle and hue that ultimately transcends fashion, into the realm of fine art.

This dress was my muse as I took pen to paper.

The show wrapped and we were all greeted with this iconic sunset over the water.  We lingered a moment; me to digest all the details and record in sketch, Jess to run through shots she has just captured.  We lingered in the moments.  We lingered in the sweet details of Marchesa.