Trend Sketching Bridal Market NYC 2012 – Claire Pettibone

No one dives so deep into our bridal fantasies as Claire Pettibone does.   Fully immersed in what inspires her, she renders fantasy to reality with an obsessive eye for texture, pattern and detail.  Ms. Pettibone is a quintessential artist.  It is clear she absorbs herself in the process of design.  She wraps her life in inspiration and lives and breaths exquisite materials, until her vision is gracing the runway.  Claire designs from her heart, with her heart and that is precisely why we are so transfixed.  Experiencing a Pettibone gown can be likened to viewing a fine art work hung in a gallery.   When you see the intricate embellishment, finely tuned detail and fluid nature of her gowns, its not hard to imagine the sleepless nights of an impassioned artist as they came to fruition.

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema’s paintings were Claire’s muse for this collection.  Lavish pink petals, billowy blue skies, goddess inspired draping all speak effortlessly in the collection.  As the girls walked the runway they appeared to be stepping out of one of Tadema’s dreamy scenes.

Brightly accented frocks floated down the runway on bare footed goddesses upon a sea of pink petals. “An Earthy Paradise” was Pettibone’s inspiration and it was immediately clear.

Floral embroidery in sun drenched colors of rose, touches of red,  olive and sea-foam green along with creamy ivories and golds created a palette of the familiar with unexpected twists.

A favorite detail were these sweet ivory embroidered Cameo moments on the  Thalia gown…I couldn’t resist…

An impressive exit is a signature of Pettibone’s and the gowns on their exit did not disappoint.  Silhouettes… sheer and lacy, floral and demure, draped with pearls and flowing ribbon told an integral part of the Pettibone collection’s story.

Seeing these creations at a distance from the runway is simply not enough to take in Claire Pettibone’s intricate eye for the tiniest of wow moments.   Embroidered rose buds, ivory cut outs over rich gold and delicate bead work became fodder for our sketchbooks.

Page after page, my hand wouldn’t stop…. Tiny textures, magical overlays, exquisite embroidery all captured quickly to preserve the excitement of the moment when the gowns first came into view… Claire made her statement at #Bridalmarket and it was in a strong voice with a  soft finish telling us all to indulge a bit, linger in the romance, marvel in the fuss…

You may have heard we were the official stationers of the Claire Pettibone runway show, so of course there will be more to come on that soon! XO