The Making Space – Hopeful Ruins and The Idea Wall

Ruins, the remains of human made architecture…

When this word rolls of your tongue you are likely to vision Pompeii or some such historical moment.  Today I am thinking on the word ruin and feeling hopeful.

From left: Walls coming down and the chaos of clutter this past weekend.
  New space, blank and ready.

Last I shared on our studio remodel, we were in the idea phase; thinking on gallery spaces and the like.  Now we are in the working phase and our lovely studio is a bit of a mess.  There is that stage when your brain recognizes a clear track to a better end, but the mess and ruin that surrounds your heart along the way, is in short distracting.  Soon enough, the dust will clear and shelves will be filled with pretty.

Until then, we are in ruins.   Not the ruins of ending, but in hopeful ruins; where beauty and order is on the cusp.

At the other end of the studio things aren’t quite so noisy.  Cosmetic changes are underway and the first to evolve is my Idea Wall.

Over the years I’ve amassed a collection of pieces from buttons and broaches to glassware and linen, that have inspired countless projects.  Until now these treasures have been stuffed into storage.  Not any longer.  I am pulling every last bauble from the boxes and styling them into lovely shape on open shelves.  By color or finish or just because I am crafting a wall of ideas, past and new.  Now a wealth of visual candy is only a few steps away…

Check back soon as I reveal our new work desks and more!