The Dahlia and Zinnia Wedding

Who loves Zinnias and Dahlias?  I do, I do!  My mom stopped by this week and brought 3 vases full of fresh cut Zinnias and Dahlias and I was in love.  There is something so alluring about a heavily petaled bloom full of rich, vibrant colors that just sing.  A quick search on etsy and beyond proves that I am not alone in my obsession with these blooms!


Zinnia Ring from Jodi Horgan, Zinnia Bead from SJAS Designs, Vase of Zinnia’s and Dahlia’s from Country Living (love that creamy yellow)  and Paper Dahlias from October Hill

momental_designs605A recent watercolor of mine.  While away in July I visited a Farmer’s Market and bought a bouquet for $6.00!  I spent the remaninder of my days on vacation painting each bloom in the bouquet…The zinnia was my favorite!

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