The Art for Joy’s Sake Watercolor Experience with Kristy

Friends, I’m hosting a watercolor retreat in France this Summer – here are all the juicy details!

WHO: I want to meet you where you’re at in your painting journey…beginner,
experienced…come along.

WHAT: Learn to see, live and experience life a bit differently…with paint covered hands and the warm air at your back.

WHERE: Dordogne Region of France – Perigord Retreats

WHEN: Monday August 6th – Tuesday August 13th 2018

COST: Includes all food, drink, accommodations, painting supplies, excursions and ground transportation.
€1200 euros per person

Download the itinerary HERE!

TO REGISTER: contact [email protected]

We’ll journey to discover the magic of Southern France at a pace where deep experience and casual conversation will be free to unfold.

{I’m a watercolor painter who believes in painting for the sake of joy first and all else second}

I teach in a way that combines traditional techniques and exercises with a mindset of artistic abandon and experimentation. If you’re looking to revive a love of painting without the intensity and strictness of traditional workshop approaches, this experience is for you. If you’ve always been curious about watercolor but believe you are unteachable, this workshop is for you. If you’ve experienced other workshops and left feeling less than capable or under-inspired, this workshop is for you!

The Art for Joy’s Sake Watercolor Experience is designed for those wanting to learn techniques to produce the dynamic, dreamy and expressive nature of watercolor in a convincing and satisfying way. We will explore the role fear plays in our painting journey and how to combat its derailing power to limit our creativity. I will share her secrets for finding your artistic voice and style no matter your skill level. The markets, landscapes and flowers in full summer bloom of the Dordogne Region will become and forever remain our sacred place of discovery.

{Our artistic spirits will be set free along roadsides, in bustling town squares and amidst fields of blooming sunflowers.}

Ever evolving demonstrations will lead to robust paint-alongs, one on one instruction moments along with supportive and inspirational discussion of student work.