Kristy Says – It’s a Jaime Givaway!

It’s a Jaime Thing blog is announcing it’s very first giveaway this week and ladies be sure to check it out! Planning a smaller more Intimate Wedding – this book is for you and it could be yours! All you have to do is comment on Jaime’s blog with your response to one of the […]


Kristy Says thanks to It' A Jaime Thing!

Last night I read a lovely blogcomment regarding a post of my painting trek to NM. The comment was left by on of my favorite bloggers, Jaime from It’s a Jaime Thing. She said that I was like a “modern day Georgia O’Keeffe” in the photo and that just made my day. Minutes later she […]


Budget Savvy Blogger

About two weeks ago I was presented with the opportunity to contribute to the Southern Wedding Lauch Party Swag Bags. Of course the Momental Team was thrilled to go to work creating our Vintage Lace notes to be included in the bags. Choosing a color palette of pale blue, pool, and fuchsia, the note cards […]


Kristy Says consider Picasso Calla Lillies

About two years ago I traveled to Longwood Gardens in Philadelphia and spent the day painting in their many lush greenhouses. One of my fav illustrations that day was the Picasso calla. As I was flipping through my new copy of InStyle Weddings last week I noticed that the Picasso Calla is the new “it” […]


Kristy Says Ritzy Bee Blog is a must read!

I have been following Ritzy Bee for quite a while now and find endless inspiration there each week. This blog is a daily read filled with expert recommends from a sought after wedding planner in the Northern VA/DC area, Maria Cooke whose insight and eye for detail is respected nationwide. Most recently Ritzy Bee was […]


Kristy Says enjoy your fonts!

A little Holiday gift from me to you! I receive so many emails asking “what font did you use in this invitation?”. Here are three of my clients’ favorites! These can be found at the best font site Enjoy!


Kristy Says Emma's Friends favors have soul!

Yesterday I enjoyed a quiet morning with my mom shopping at a local craft fair. As I made my way through the aisles of vendors I came upon a lovely display of soaps and such. I am always drawn to thoughtful displays and Emma’s Friends immediately caught my eye with their simple collection of soap […]


Kristy Says you can tie the perfect knot!

Many of my clients incorporate a simple knot into their invitation designs. A expertly tied knot can give the invitation a clean, classic look or keep all enclosures neat and tidy within the envelope. This is a much requested DIY at the studio. Tying the Perfect knot is not as easy as it may seem. […]


Bouquet jewels rock!

Recently I have been using tiny jewels in a lot of my designs, specifically the Vintage Tree and Vintage Lacy Stamped Collections. I love the touch of glam and twinkle a bit of rhinestone can give a design. Now, everyone has a budget and you know that every little detail can add up in terms […]