An Artful Life – Party Map Invitations and Anise Cookies!

This week I am still baking like crazy in addition to wrapping up a bunch of last minute 2008 invitation orders – I am so grateful to be busy! Every year my mom and I bake Anise cookies. This cheerful cutouts flavored with the faintest hint of Anise oil are a family favorite. The light […]


An Artful Life – An Artful Christmas Part II

To continue from last week I am excited to show you more from my holiday decorating craziness as I like to call it! Pictured below is my entry where green and silver tones abound. As a child my parents hung sleigh bells from the front door and rang them every night just as I fell […]


An Artful Life – An Artful Christmas Part I

I have always loved Christmas. When I was young, my mother fashioned warm, twinkling days filled with parties, wreath making, gift wrapping and anise cookie making- creating memories I will forever hold dear. The hubby and I lived in Poughkeepsie, NY for years and even though only a handful of people visited during the season […]


An Artful Life – Mapping out the Holidays

I don’t know if anyone else feels as if November has just flown by…but I certainly do! I realized that I need to have my Holiday Party Invitations in the mail by next week!!! A hand-drawn map of my town as the centerpiece for this year’s invite is an idea I have been cooking up […]


An Artful Life – Something different for the season…

Adam and I throw a Holiday bash every year and this year’s festivities are coming up on December 19th. I have a few rules for the party, it must been fun, we must eat well, it must be pretty and there must always be an element of surprise. This year we came up with a […]


Welcome to My Artful Life!

My life as a stationery designer is a crazy, whirlwind one. From one day to the next I can never predict what I might be involved in. From creating original watercolor illustrations to troubleshooting a bug on my blog, I am always trying something new. I however, never stray from the heart of my passion […]