Salvador Dali Wedding Inspiration

Mr. Dali, one of the most curious artist personalities we all might recognize, took over my brain for the better part of 3 months during the planning of this project. His life, clothing and daily antics were as much art as his canvases were. The Dali shoot is still my all time favorite editorial. We took over an abandoned swimming pool built in the Art Deco era, yes, gasp…it was that beautiful. Our model was a living, breathing composition and styling her gown, hair and makeup felt just as much like painting as holding a brush in my hand. More Avant Garde than practical, the wedding ideas explored here were an exercise in imagination. For those feeling a bit daring, I implore you to step inside an empty pool at least once, it’s quite the experience.

I imagined if Mr. Dali were to ever send a wedding invitation, it would most likely be Bold and Abstract Floral Wedding Invitations. He would have approved, I think, of the use of scale and texture; and of course, the graceful, sweeping brushstrokes on each Magnolia bloom.