Renewal Inspirations – Small bites

The planning adventures continue!  We met with our caterer about 2 weeks ago armed with dozens of inspiration photos and ideas galore…You may want to read more about the vintage charm  inspiration board, the red, yellow and orange color scheme, the destination save the dates and the venue.

Pat Greenfield owns the fabulous Grico’s in Wyoming, PA.  Eating at Grico’s holds great memories for both the hubby and I.  From her homemade soup creations to soy noodles with peas at every July 4th party, Pat has it covered.   Can you see a pattern here?  It has been our goal to plan and work with individuals who we have know for some time and/or whose specialty holds some significance for Adam and I.

My wedding ten years ago was held in a traditional banquet facility and the only concern for food I had was to ensure it was served hot!  This time around the Hubby and I wanted the food to be plentiful, unexpected, easy to eat and fresh.    A good deal of attention will also be given to display and color palette.    We also want to share our favorite fare with our guests but in surprising presentations.  For example, we both love a good Caesar salad, but who wants to sit around a fabulous party laden with a huge plate of greens – not me.  I adore the Caesar bites  below!

Another fun detail that I am still working out is a sauce bar.  I LOVE sauces and ‘lots of them.    We are hoping to serve a variety roasted meats and what better to compliment than a variety of sweet, hot, savory and creamy sauces?  The Depression Glass tumblers below will be the perfect containers I think!

So how much consideration are you giving to food during the planning process.  Is it a big deal for you?

momental_designs760French fry display, Veggie kabobs, Cool veggie display, Depression glass display, Monogrammed spoonfuls, Caesar salad bites