Renewal Inspirations – Green Apple Photography

Yay!  We have found our photographer!  After a roller coaster ride of a search over the last 5 months the hubby and I have finally found our perfect photographer!  Choosing the photographer for our first wedding was a bit different primarily since this was before the wonderful word blog was part of our vocabularies – can you believe it?!   We traveled to many studios and sat for hours thumbing through heavy, dark, leather bound albums to find the perfect match.  This time around the process was quite different.

One of the greatest parts about being a part of this industry are the friends and connections you make along the way.   I had two very amazing offers from photographer friends who were eager to capture our day.   The deal was this though… if an amazing wedding came their way for the same date…they had to take the opportunity.  So the the story goes, both photographers had deliciously perfect weddings come their way for our May 15th date,  leaving this stationery artist a bit panicked, although very happy for her photographer friends!

So last week I started my search from scratch without much hope.  I turned to to perhaps find some talent in close proximity to our location in Zion National Park.  I came across this tiny thumbnail shot and was instantly intrigued.


Isn’t it amazing how a bit of color and texture can just draw you in?  I immediately visited the site and within minutes was sending my first email to Lindsey at Green Apple Photography!    After a bit more browsing I came to discover that Lindsey was the artist behind this precious shoot on Ruffled a few weeks ago.  I was even more excited at that point…


Never meeting Lindsey in person seemed unimportant.  After reading her bio and spending hours on her site, I already seemed to know her, her style, affinity for color and friendly, laid back approach….all of which communicated perfectly in her photos.


I asked Lindsey to share a few of her favorite shots for this post so enjoy!