Renewal Inspirations – Depression Glass and Vintage Linens

An inpromptu trip to a local Antique market last weekend was all I needed to get inspired.  Last week I announced that The Hubby and I are planning a wedding vow renewal bash.  I must admit settling on a color palette has been difficult for me.   Wandering around the Antique Center I was repeatedly drawn to the vintage tablecloths in so many of the booths.  Picking up a simple piece with light orange and yellow roses, worn from use and frayed a bit on the edges I was immediately drawn in.  At that moment I knew the search for our perfect color palette was over and boy was I lucky The Hubby agreed!

From there I found a few Depression Glass pieces I hope to use as centerpieces, reminding me so much of the lovlies in my mother’s china closet, I marveled at as a child.


During the stationery design process I always encourage my clients to find inspiration in uncommon places.  A cherished card kept in a memory box for years, a simple dinner plate loved for it’s pattern or a field full of wildflowers growing along the interstate.  In my experience it is a heightened awareness of those items you surround yourself with most often that can inspire with most meaning and passion.

What seemingly mundane items have inspired your planning process?