Renewal Inspirations – Booked a venue!

It’s official – we found a venue for our renewal celebration – read more about the plans, the inspiration , more inspiration and the save the date.

It was difficult to find a venue for our modest guest list of only 75 or so.  We wanted rustic but not too casual, blank palette but not uninspired and of course flexibility (‘lots of custom decor planned).   Driving past the entry gates of this 1800’s  “Cottage” (as it is humbly named) I felt as if I took a gracious step back in time.  Following the deep curves of the driveway I caught a glimpse of the towering structure and it’s massive screened in wrap around porch.


Hillside Farms is a landmark of my childhood, where we picked up fresh milk and enjoyed their creamy homemade ice cream each summer.  As a teenager I parked my car outside the cow barn and sketched the towering trees and sleepy creatures as they grazed.  My wedding bouquets were crafted by the florists residing in these gorgeous vintage greenhouses.    Hillside Farms is a peaceful place for the hubby and I and already holds great memories for us both.  I just cannot wait to make more!

momental_designs422The wrap around porch seems to go on forever!

Perhaps the most exciting part of finding this location was witnessing the hubby’s unabashed excitement.  He immediately felt connected to the location and even wants to have Hillside Ice Cream served from a vintage ice cream cart!

What was the deciding factor when you chose your venue?  Was it emotional, cost, a great meeting or a combination?