Renewal in Zion – Flowers, flowers and more flowers!

momental_designs344photo courtesy of the talented Gideon Photography

Even though our renewal in Zion will be intimate the hubby and I decided to leave no detail overlooked or under-worked.  We both have a pretty lush sensibility when it comes to visual inspiration so the flower design would certainly be no exception.  This past Wednesday while in Utah Mom and I visited By Bloomers in the heart of St. George.  As we walked into the shop we were greeted by gorgeous tall ceilings, a fresh green palette and overflowing buckets of flowers set just about everywhere.  Clearly the ladies we in full design mode and it was quite exciting to see their works in progress.


These shots I found on the By Bloomers blog were what really grabbed me and inspired me to give a call.  While veggies in floral design bit has been done, these designs seemed to have a life and unique quality that was somehow new to me.  Contrasts and textures are big for me and I was thrilled to see how they used both visual details in so much of their work.

We met with Angie and her bubbly presense and creative spirit were instantly obvious.  We connected immediately.  If I could give any advice when it comes to working with your vendors it is this….trust your instincts and then trust the artists.    I feel strongly that instinct plays a huge role when making big design and decor decisions about your wedding or celebration.  Laboring over a decision and experimenting too much sometimes can lead to muddy ideas and unclear visions.

We chatted about flower types and ideas for only about 20 minutes.  When  “Be as creative as you like” and “I want to see what you always dreamed of creating” came out of my mouth, I saw a true spark in Angie’s eyes.  She was immediately inspired and fascinated by the freedom I had given her.  I can only imagine what she will vision for us, but I know it will be spectacular and I also know it will be greatly due to trust on both of our parts.   Here is a selection of the flowers we discussed using.

momental_designs354Lotus pods, Billy Balls, Mango Callas, Red Peonies, Red Dahlias, Sagebrush, Berries

Thanks Angie for meeting with us on such short notice, we are thrilled to have you on our #Renewalinzion design team!