Real Weddings Friday – Carrianne and Jeffrey 05.15.2010

I am so inspired by Carrianne and Jeffrey’s wedding to come in 2010, I just had to share some details right away! I often am asked to “just create”, or “run with” and idea in the hopes I will capture a moment or a certain feeling in the watercolor illustrations that put the Momental in Momental Designs. Carrianne called me several weeks ago admitting she “didn’t care much about invitations” until she saw my current projects page. She spoke of the live oak trees present at her much loved reception venue The Ribault Club in Port George, Florida. She wanted her guests (most traveling from out of state) to immediately have sense of southern charm and felt the stately live oak was the perfect imagery. Other than her heartfelt words I had little other direction.



I immediately thought of a much loved storybooks from my childhood, namely The Velveteen Rabbit which for some time I insisted my Dad read to me every night. I recall the soft watercolor illustrations that become so dear and gave me such comfort. I decided that my illustration for Carriane’s wedding invitation should have a similar feeling – one of welcome, comfort, charm, softness and history.