Press – Artsy Auction House Wedding in Mingle Magazine

Jess and Brad planned a wedding that mirrored their unconventional love story beautifully.

{Set in a dilapidated cathedral with dinner and partying to follow in an auction house, I had the privileged of experiencing it all first hand.}

You see, Jess is a Momental and when I learned she was getting married I put my creative brain into full effect offering her my “services” wherever she needed me.

The styling plan for this Artsy Auction House Wedding was simple and heartfelt.  Jess and Brad curated personal items filled with sentimental value; plants, ceramic sculptures, small tins, to make pretty on ever guest table.  Fifty provided us with Scarlet Roses, Succulents, Winter Berry, Italian Ruscus, Scabiosa and Seeded Eucalyptus to DIY to our heart’s content.

{Jess plucked blooming basil and other herbal treasures from her Grandfather’s garden the night before.  The magical aroma filled the space…}

{Check the slideshow below for more painterly details!}

artsy-auction-house-wedding-mingle-magazineartsy auction house wedding


artsy auction house wedding
This urn was one of my favorite details from the day. We discovered it in a barn adjacent to the Auction House, pulled it inside and stuffed it full of garden greens, fruits, veggies and blooms.
We created this watercolor map more to entertain than to direct. While the basics of the map may still have gotten guests where they were going, the main goal was to create a whimsical art piece.
I adore the wording at the bottom of this card. What wedding invitation has a disclaimer???
The ceremony programs were individually hand painted with a juicy watercolor rose that I purposely let drip to the bottom of the page.

day-of-the-dead-wedding    eclectic-artistic-wedding-invitaiton


{Click to see this invitation suite in action!}

Vendor Credits

  • Styling
  • Bride, Groom, Family and Friends
  • Ceremony
  • ArtsYouniverse Cathedral, Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • Floral
  • Wholesale Flowers by
  • Gown
  • Vintage
  • Film
  • Josiah Grandfiled