A Peek into the Studio – Rustic Glam Fall Wedding Invitations

Erin was a dream to make art with and mostly because, I believe, she is a talented designer herself.  As a designer for The Honest Co. Erin has a killer eye and knows what she wants! Location is often a huge platform for our very artistic couples and as such, Erin’s Boulder, Colorado location inspired most everything about this suite of Rustic Glam Fall Wedding Invitations.

{Contrasts are paramount in creating an alluring hand painted invitation.  The eye never becomes board when opposing elements collide and yearns to explore every layer of carstock, every brushtroke texture and every last glistening finish.}

Custom artwork was a must as our inventory just didn’t hold the perfect painting for Erin.  I would much rather paint new for each project that refer to pieces already existing and…

{…the flexibility of our design process allows us to become personal painters for each of our couples.}

Colorado mountains in watercolor were overlaid with linear illustrations of Lupine printed in classic gold foil. The slight impression foil makes into the stock just adds further dimension to push the proverbial envelope even further.

The floral pattern came into play in places like the envelope liner and a border surrounding them main invitation.  Of course a few blooms made an appearance on the deer antlers seen throughout!


watercolor-flower-pattern-purple rustic-foil-and-watercolor-wedding-invitations rustic-foil-and-watercolor-wedding-invitations




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