A Peek Into the Studio – Neverland Inspired Watercolor Wedding Invitations

I’ve been waiting and waiting to share this Neverland Inspired Watercolor Wedding Invitations suite.  If your’re in the mood to fly away to a magical place, this wedding invitation suite might just help you on your way. Ready to be transported to Neverland?

{Fairies, fanciful parrots, the infamous alligator… all make an appearance here in this fresh take on a beloved story we all grew up with}

Corey’s suite starts with a gatefold that opens like a window, inviting you on a whimsical journey, and setting the stage for an event that will meld the fantastic and the sophisticated.

Notice the small cardstock window latch we’ve fashioned to hold the gatefold closed….So sweet.

{We’ve done many takes on the story book and fairy tale wedding invitation over the years. Let us help you tell your own special tale and take your guests on a voyage of the imagination.}