Out and About – A Renewal in Zion

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Greetings from the Philadelphia International Airport where I am about to board a plane (with Mom of course too) headed for Las Vegas.  This trip has been a long time coming as our renewal plans have been in the works since Christmas of 08.  It is hard ot believe the hubby and I are finally headed to Springdale, UT to finalize plans for our renewal celebration this coming May 15th!  There is tons to do, of course, and we are ready to go!  We just booked our photographer and of course now need to finalize the ceremony locale, celebration menu, flowers and a number of other tiny but important details.

The save the dates went out just before Christmas and we are thrilled to be hearing from family and friends nearly everyday who are hoping to make the trip with us.  If you would like to follow along with my adventures over the next 6 days search twitter using the hashtag #renewalinzion or just check in here for some posts from the road.

Zion here I come!