My Western Adventure – Zion National Park, Utah

I just love Utah….really that is an understatement. The land, the people and the sun – I just can’t get enough. I could be here for a lifetime and never be short on inspiration. We stayed in Zion National Park for 3 nights and hated to leave. It was quite warm but we were never far from river access or a shaded rock to find reprieve.

My time at the Park was focused on finding the best painting spots possible. I started with the classic Zion landscape of jutting canyon walls and bright blue sky. I set up alongside the road into the canyon and painted in full sun. By the end of my session I was hot and thirsty but feeling very accomplished.

I next chose to plant myself at the Emerald Pools trailhead. Very noisy spot as all foot traffic went accross a nearby metal bridge! Well worth the noise-as my chosen location provided the perfect view of all Zion has to offer, sweeping red sandstone, cool crisp river water and lush greens.

I think my most favorite spot was along the riverwalk trail where I was able to sit in a quiet area along the river and watch the changing colors as the lept past me. I was fascinated by the water and the reflection of the blazing rocks. I will never forget it!

Here you get to see Adam showing off my last painting of the Zion experience. I found a lovely spot where the river trickled though the landscape. The water was so graceful and full of movement and light. I just had to try to capture it.

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