My Story is Art – Live Painting in Costa Rica

Live painting in Costa Rica.  Those words feel like a dream to me now.  I’m still pinching my self, my sunburned skin I might add.  Kris and James invited me to be a part of their tropical wedding celebration in a very personal way.  Armed with palette, brushes, camera and loads of watercolor paper I made my way to a land of sweet people and warm breezes to capture, live,  the love of these two who can only be described as sweethearts.

Early in the day I was nestled in the flower room (heaven) to capture the bride’s bouquet in watercolor loveliness.  Orchids, orchids and more orchids held my brush captive for hours.  Later, once the ballroom was set from head to toe, I found a new home and prepared to paint the first dance.  A little peek here…

After the flurry of events were over it was time to head deeper into the rainforest near Manuel Antonio.  We stayed at Tulemar in a small bungalow with 365 degree views of the surrounding cliff-side.  Each morning I awoke to the ocean just past my nose.  One afternoon I perched myself just behind an open window with nothing but watercolor paper between me and the lush flora.  Recording the beginnings of a new inspired pattern I’ll be revealing soon, I found a new happy place.  A quiet place I can now forever return to for comfort if only in my thoughts.