My Story is Art – Lisianthus and Snapdragon Watercolor Pattern

With summer in full bloom (pun intended), I’ve been painting the weekends away.  Whether I pluck the freshest from my Mom’s garden or find some pretties at the local market, there has been no shortage of flora for me to capture.  Last weekend I found the most gorgeous creamy, blushy Lisianthus.  Rich, violet snapdragons were nearby and went home with me as well!

I decided to work in a circle this time around to accentuate the graceful lines of the Lisianthus and Snapdragon stems…

I’m still obsessed with my nearly noen pink watercolor and seem to be adding it to everything these days.  It gives even the muddiest colors life!  Bright suggestions of stripes were added to lend a freshness.

Often I paint my best in the wee hours huddled under my home studio light…in my sleepiness I named this one “Rainbow Bright meets Anthropologie”  Fitting I think, right?

Remember this post?  Well here is what I did with that weekend’s painting… This pattern, still very much in development will make another appearance late fall as part of our new Botanical Collection!