My Story is Art – Instinct Reigns

Instinct reigns in my life and not so much out of my natural inclinations but more-so a product of my life over the last 5 years.  Regardless of the root of my instinctive nature, I am grateful.  Admittedly though, my need to make things efficient gets me into some trouble.  This weekend, while making our family-famed Anise cookies my instinct was pushing me to discover the quickest way to navigate the icing of 400+ cookies.  Not so much the point of enjoying a quiet afternoon with my Mom carrying on a family tradition, however I digress.

                                                         Sweet Mom and Mr. Zach as I call my good friend’s son.  He was quite the helper!

When it comes to making design decisions, gut reactions are key.  Agonizing over the many options this world of inspiration and endless choice offers is for me at least, not the way to go.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy sitting down with 100’s of paper swatches and considering the best or mixing inks over 15 times to get the perfect shade of gold.  It is when the very act of deciding becomes crippling that I stop and listen to my… you guessed it.  INSTINCT.  The art of consideration should be cathartic and restful.  The minute making a choice seems daunting, stressful or loathesome, stop yourself, step away…listen.

Whether you are debating the perfect shade of purple for your invitation suite or making the next big move in your career trust your gut and keep it simple.  Listen.

Industry friend Michelle Loretta said it best today on twitter:

Instinct –> Decisiveness –> Efficiency –> Peace.