My Story is Art – From my Engage!13 Biltmore Sketchbook

If you’ve known me for a while or sat beside me at a conference, you’ll know…I take notes in color and paint my thoughts….Each Engage! conference I attend floods my senses not only with color and styling to make any designer drool a little, but also enough wisdom and powerful takeaways to keep the head spinning for weeks.  So what do I do?  Sketch it out, get it down, and pin it up in front of me so I can’t forget…so I have no excuse not to act.  So let me share just a few of my favorites from the most recent Engage! experience! 

The power panel of Ceci Johnson, Liz Banfiled and Sylvia Weinstock.  Be kind, these sketches only lasted about 2 minutes!
Marcy Blum, Liene Stevens and Mindy Weiss.  Thank you all for being so darn fun to sketch!


My takeaways from each speaker became super fast, little paintings this time around.  Keija Minor, editor in chief of BRIDES magazine reminded us that “it’s time for glamour” while Mindy Weiss, made sure we realize “we need to be better to ourselves”Lara Casey, editor in chief of Southern Weddings magazine always finds a way to fire me up and her simple statement of “If not now, when?” certainly has me thinking.  This one in fiery fuchsia and red will hang just above my desk until further notice….


Anne ChertoffXochitl Gonzalez and Harmony Walton encouraged us all, along with Sean Low to make the hard changes in our lives and businesses that aren’t screaming to be made….


David Beahm gifted us each the most stunning and fragrant pink rose and asked us all when we last stopped to smell the roses.  I quickly tried to capture this delicious moment.


Michelle Rago looking fabulous in yellow offered up my favorite takeaway of the event – “Speak the language of the determination”