My Story is Art – Engage!12 SKETCHED at the Mandarin Oriental

I’m back from Engage!12 for nearly a week now and it’s impact is just starting to soak in.  As my business grows older and hopefully a bit wiser I realize the ever increasing value in making real, face to face connections.  I’ve been a Twitter fanatic for nearly 5 years and can tell you countless stories of how my business has been changed by tweets and online conversations.  Facebook updates have brought fabulous couples into my life and Instagram has proven to be a powerful way to curate and communicate my style.  Add face-time to the social media mix and your world opens up, your life changes, you become a real person behind the curtain. This is what Engage! does for our industry…it makes things real, very real. Thank you to Rebecca and Kathryn of Engaging Concepts for keeping Engage! alive, relevant and so very real, for so long.

So, I’ve been sketching as you might expect.   Each speaker had their own flair and message and well I tried to capture it all…

Christy from Junebug Weddings is always a sight.  This time around those sunny shoes were magnetic.  She is super smart and sweet too. XO  Jes Gordon captivated the audience with her spice and sass, eclectic style and energizing spirit.  Next time we are in the same city I’m buying her a few cocktails to say thank you, thank you, omg thank you.

Marcy Blum made industry predictions that had us at the edge of seats.  Think Holograms everyone…  Spunky, southern grace epitomize Tara Guerard’s presence.  She takes only 8 weddings a year and family comes first.  Think on that for a moment. Powerful.

Sharon Sacks reminded us that we are “dream makers”.  Liene Stevens educated us on the habits of Millenials…thank goodness!

Anne Fulenwider, the new Editor in Chief of BRIDES shared with Engagees, the story behind their new aesthetic and direction.  She spoke of fresh editorials with a real edge; less pomp more purpose.  Bravo!  I just had to create a new sketched logo and the splashy nature of my watercolor brushstrokes seems to interpret BRIDES new face just perfectly.

And lastly, Sylvia Weinstock, always my favorite to sketch.  I can’t imagine why ?!?!?!?

Thanks everyone for reading along and for always being so supportive of all my colorful “notes”.  Keep in touch!! XO