My Story is Art – Charging into 2012

I talk a lot about ideas, inspiring ideas and making room for ideas… In the early mornings of the new year, it is easy to feel a fresh spirit rising in your chest.  A bit of organizing or a short vacation can infuse most of us with a sense of new; a promise of possibility.  All that though, doesn’t replace follow-through, commitment and lasting passion.  2011 bridged a path to 2012 for myself and a group of creative artists in a powerful way.  Barely into the new year I gathered a team of incredible individuals primed to charge into the new year with a creative roar.

Birdhouse Productions in action….

Armed with Trellis, a new pattern designed with my friends at Envelopments, we came together to set a scene drenched in an artfully delicate mix of blooms, branches, stripes and spatter.  A bouquet of paper blooms and palette of graceful Dessy frocks are just part of the story.  Painted Paloma’s pieces and stunning faces by Béke Beau were another.

I can only share a peek at Desla Couture‘s contributions and Sullivan Owen‘s pretty palette of blooms…

If I said much more I would ruin the surprise and flurry of captivating images to come.  Blessed to have Amanda Young of Swoon Over It Photography by my side for this shoot.  She was able to capture each delicious moment strung together in paint, floral, film and heart with her discerning eye.

Thank you to the team and thank you for reading about a project that became my launching pad for a stellar 2012.  Cheers to what makes you stay passionate.  Cheers to your next big idea in 2012.