My Story is Art – A Week of Seeing in Utah

Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit. – Edward Abbey

Today is our last day in Utah for a while.  Utah and its people have been good to us and always are.  There is a certain sense of calm I feel here.  Time slows.  My mind has room to simmer and sort, be and become.  I never feel tired here only raring to go.  The hubby and I visit this place at least four times a year, spend nearly two weeks, work during the day and play at night.  Out here play consists of a sunset walk in Zion Canyon or a quick drive to explore a ghost town nearby.  Not too shabby for a Monday.

North Rim of the Grand Canyon and the Hubby

Oddly enough, this time around I didn’t paint.  Enter gasps.  I instead absorbed…took time to look, listen and really see.  My art teacher from childhood and the woman I consider to be my true mentor over the years, always would remind me that our job as artists was to see; really see the world.  Over the years I have learned that one of the most difficult tasks for an artist is just that….the ability to let go and really look without preconceptions about what we see.  It is in that precious moment that you mind frees and your heart is open to experience all the world has to offer.  As an artist in the wedding world I pride myself on being eyes and ears for my couples.  I listen, watch, read and look all in the name of telling their story on paper.

This week I rediscovered clarity…

Don’t laugh, well okay you can but seriously this photo encapsulates my week…pure joy.  North Rim of GC again.

Elusive Bighorn Sheep in Zion National Park.  A magical moment is seeing these creatures gallop effortlessly across the cliffs.

A place we call Adam and Kristy Canyon in Zion NP.  Our day after Renewal shots were taken here.

The Hubby took this without me even knowing in Bryce Canyon. I tweeted about feeling small out here, in a good way.  This shot says it all.