My Best Friend’s Wedding – Amy’s Engaged!!!

Just this past March my best friend Amy who I have known for nearly 15 years went out on a date.  Innocent enough, right?  Little did I know that 6 months later she would be engaged and planning a wedding for July 30, 2011!  So what does a best friend do, namely a best friend immersed in the wedding industry?  Introduce a new blog series of course!!  Amy and Stephen (the groom for here on out) are already knee deep in preparing for their Eastern Shore wedding next summer.  With the proposal only 3 weeks old, I am entirely impressed, not to mention head over heels excited to dive into styling, stationery and all the pretty details that are to come! A close second is my excitement to share all the planning with with you!!  I hope to share a weekly peek into my best friend’s wedding sharing everything from the adorable proposal, save the dates, styling adventures and all that comes in between!

Amy and I already have big plans for her save the dates; to be mailed very soon.  The invitations; well let’s face it, I have been dreaming about creating Amy’s invitations since college really, so enough said for now.

Amy and Stephen knew very early on they were perfect for each other which is why talks of their wedding began nearly 3 months ago.  Their colors were chosen before he even popped the question!  One late night in April, Amy and I were about 1 hour into one of our lengthy phone chats when I decided to create this inspiration board for her.  Oddly enough the palette and tone captured here still hold true for their celebration.  Punchy blues, cobalt glass, strawberry pinks and bold oranges are all at the front of Amy’s mind as she has begun to craft her day.

Watermelon,   Sandollars, HibiscusBoat, Dress, Blue, Strawberries

Check in next week to hear all about the super sweet and creative proposal!!