Inspirations – Watercolor Floral Pattern Wedding Invitations

Recently my newest floral pattern came to life within the pages of the most recent Utterly Engaged issue.  If you haven’t seen the film yet, take a look here and let me know what you think! Utterly Engaged invited us to create 5 distinctly different looks from the same pattern and here is what we came up with…

First I was feeling festive a bumped the saturation on this lively pattern filled with rose-like swirls, vibrant leaves and lush succulent shapes.  Mustard, persimmon, teal and cherry red were highlighted by gold touches and a graceful invitation shape.  All presented in a cigar box for mailing, this suite really gets the blood flowing!

Here contrast is low and soft pinks, sages and silvery whites reign.  Shimmer inks were painted in thin lines tracing the graceful shape of each petal and leaf.  This painstaking painting process creates an embossed impression that you can see and feel  A thin hand painted brushstroke follow the contour of the text to create a artful border.

Here we printed the pattern on our favorite Envelopments stock, Magnolia to create a watercolor on canvas feel.  Empty spots were filled with hand painted shades of neon pink.

Here the pattern doesn’t change drastically but the environment does.  Spirited wording is our canvas so a soft edge is free hand painted to surround with a flat brush to create a somewhat distinct edge.  A handmade envelope and torn edges throughout add substance.  “And a wild rumpus to follow”…um that would be the reception.

Lastly I went big and bold.  Playing with shape and scale a round layer was attached to an oversized square.  A frame of hand painted flourishes and flora surrounds the wording and then the bold pattern takes over.  A presentation embellishment of lace, bold hues and fancy linen ribbon make it all good.

Didn’t Jill and Ryan McGrath capture some amazing images here?  They have a way of capturing the emotion that goes into every piece created.  Want to see more?  Head over to Utterly Engaged. XO