Inspirations – Thinking positive today, are you?

I decided to re-schedule today’s intended post for tomorrow.  Sometime you just have to make a decision and act.  As you know I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve and the past two days are shining examples of that.  I’m an artist; living, breathing, full of emotions and ready to express them.  Yesterday I was faced with a rough situation.  At the time it seemed paramount, impacting and devastating.  I spent several hours ranting, fearing, resolving and expounding on my disappointments.

A switch flipped and in one moment I was shocked at the tremendous energy I was investing in negativity.  At that moment I decided to do something different.  I decided to literally channel the negative energy, refocus and reinvest into a positive project I had in mind for years now.   I know you have heard it all before, THINK positive, RELEASE the negative, but when it happens to you, for real,  and you can instantly see the results, it is powerful to say the least.

I have been tweeting friends and colleagues all morning and afternoon and realized many in the wedding industry are feeling similar and fighting the negative daily.  We all face the decision in the little and large moments of life.

I think collectively we have power.

Our businesses are about making beautiful for weddings, while navigating the daily ups and downs.

But what if we also made it our business to make beautiful and navigate our negativity; transforming it into fuel for the greater good?

Imagine what could happen…

The image above is of Nick Onken, a big thinker, artist and creative I admire.  In a post about a personal shoot he orchestrated he said

“Sometimes you get into situations where things go wrong, unforeseen things happen…Our job is to solve those problems and make something great despite the circumstances. “

Beautifully put.

So I have a grand idea in the works and will be sharing more details as they manifest.  In the meantime I simply wanted to share my mini-triumph and hopefully inspire you a bit.

Thanks for reading