Inspirations – 10 Unique and Custom Save the Dates

Its seems every day our couples are getting more and more creative with their Unique Save the Date ideas!  The save the date is your first opportunity to begin telling the story of your love, life and happiness together.  Have fun, get creative and let loose a bit.  You have the whole invitation suite to be formal with!

So today I have a roundup of some of the most inventive, unique and creative wedding save the date projects we’ve had the joy of creating!

First up are a few Custom illustrated ideas where couples had us create imaginary landscapes and scenes featuring anything from a favorite car, pet, scenic drive and or favorite city!  Lindsay and Damond loved driving scenic US 1 in California….

Gabrielle and Sebastian married within the famous walled Parisian city of Carcassone! Notice each state silhouette on the airplane banner, such a fun detail!

Next is our classic and ever popular timeline or as we tend to call them, storyline save the dates!  It’s hard to imagine a better way to tell your story as a couple.  Our timelines usually begin with how you met, then where he proposed and then of course where you will get married!  Our couples have the most fun coming up with unique ideas for us to illustrate their love story!

This version was designed for my Best Friend Amy – love all the punchy color!

Classic, clean with just a hint of sage green hand painting…


Contrast painting in whites against our lovely shimmering champagne cardstock…plus a charming sketch of the couple’s venue!

Next up are a more whimsical, playful versions of our timeline save the dates – same idea applies but the timeline icons here are arranged with pretty patterns, stripes and the like to create a full, eclectic composition…

Elle’s Timeline Save the Date seen in Bries UK Magazine has recently become a new favorite.

Penny was clearly inspired by Elle but put her own distinct spin on the look! Notice her sweet pup tucked into the artwork.

Laura let us experiment with the timeline concept a bit.  Her fiance is in publishing so we tied in a literary theme a bit along with personifying their bunny and pup nicknames for eachother.  Here bunny and pup travel a vintage map of sorts all over the world.  What an incredibly clever way to tell your story!  As for us, the artists behind this fun vision, we can draw up just about anything that is swirling around in your creative brain 🙂

Lastly, there are a few favorite, albeit random save the dates that have become my personal favorites over the years.  First up are Stella’s proposal story Flipbook Save the Dates.  In about 100 pages we illustrated Glenn getting on one knee in front Disney’s castle, then as you flip a collection of ballons fly through the air, ending with a banner tied to the last balloon reading “save the date”!

Michael’s save the dates still make me get all nostalgic.  She was the first of many clients who just let us do our thing…Of course she changed and tweaked things but this design is really the result of our team just having at it with some amazing inspiration.  These Art Deco Wedding Save the Dates pull out all the stops with hand painted ribbon, dimensional dot detailing and Venetian Mirror inspired illustrations.