Hydrangea Wedding Invitations

What seems like forever ago I created the very first Momental Hydrangea Wedding Invitation for Kelley, my fabulous managing assistant.    The artwork was small and stunning and seemed to inspire a continuing interest in this lofty bloom from that point on.

momental_designs160The first Momental Hydrangeas as created for Kelley.  This past Tuesday Kelley and Hubby AJ celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary
so I dedicate this post to them, congratulations!

As the years passed though my hydrangea artwork has evolved to be included in what we  lovingly call the Big Bloom Collection.  Big paint strokes contrasted with fine detail epitomize this collection.


The Momental Girls have titled the last 5 days “The Hydrangea Week” as they are tirelessly working to ship 5 hydrangea orders just this week alone.  The bloom has come a long way for us but holds a special place in my and Kelley’s hearts for sure!