Guess who is guest blogging at Envelopments?

This sentence says it all.  Great design can stir emotion and at Momental we are all about making life more exciting by celebrating with good intentions and great care.  It is no wonder I developed an obsession with the paper pretties at Envelopments.  The shimmery textures and wow patterns that have become the mainstay at Momental are developed by some amazingly talented people whose passions have made quite a mark on the wedding industry.  You can imagine my excitement when I was asked to be a regular guest contributor on their blog!  That’s right, every other Wednesday you can read my Momental Moments series where I chat about color trends and being fearless in design while sharing some of my newest creations!

A huge thank you to my friends at Envelopments.  After years of making pretty with their papers , I could not imagine a bigger thrill than to join their blogging circle.