Engage!11 Grand Cayman – Power Words and The Sketches Part II

I’m back today with more from Engage!11 in Grand Cayman!  With all the fabulous inspiration it is difficult to choose what to share.  We created a suite of custom stationery pieces using the gorgeous papers of Envelopments in addition to some uncommon materials too!  The event itinerary was printed on canvas, imparting a luxe texture that was heaven to the touch.  A watercolor coral pattern set the stage for our SKETCHED logo featuring a sassy starfish illustration.  Thick ivory and gold inks were  hand painted into each creature with a swooshy wash of tan watercolor across the words Grand Cayman!

Photos by the incredible Donna Von Breuning

Okay, now onto the sketches of the super smart and of course incredibly dressed speakers.  First up are the brilliant Bryan Rafanelli and Todd Fiscus.  Bryan gave us some key words, I like to call them POWER words to think about:  Spunk, valor, intuition, heart, bravery, moxie and spirit!

Marcy Blum is always looking incredible but this time around especially in her wow dress full of color and texture!  Carley Roney from The Knot was possibly my favorite sketch of the week, she looked so graceful…

Barabara Corcoran from The Shark Tank took the stage by storm in a whirlwind of yellow.  She spoke of the The Power of Fun in our businesses.  The Party Goddess is gorgeous  in turquoise teal!

Ceci New York in her Diane Von Furstenberg and Tejani bling and Mindy Weiss looking lovely as always!

Spirited waves, roses, orchids and textures spun themselves into a new patten I am dying to see on a painted invitation.  Tucked between the sketched line-work are key words  that for me exemplify the speakers’ messages.  Experience, joy, conviction, trust, artistry, gratitude…

Stick around for a bit longer as tomorrow I am sharing gorgeous shots of the stationery pieces we created.  If you love tropical, beachy wedding inspiration you will adore what is coming next!