Engage!10 The Breakers – Live Sketches

It has been nearly a week since my return to the studio from yet another life changing Engage.  Earlier this week I shared some of my favorite speaker sketches that were featured during Day 1 session on the big screen, so to speak.  I must admit seeing my art more than 4 feet tall is a bit intimidating! There have been some amazing Engage recap posts and read here and here if you want a serious play by play….I highly recommend because the decor and detail is quite mesmerizing.

Today I am sharing some of the live sketches I created during various sessions.  Engage re-energized two words in my vocabulary this time around.  Connect and transform. These are the two words that seem to surround my thoughts as I download and digest from my time spent at The Breakers.  Each sketch that unfolded was surrounded with iconic text scribbled furiously as to not be forgotten.  My notes became color and my ideas became compositions that are just now unfolding into the daily life lived at our studio.

Love this shot from my good friend Donna at DVB Photography

Onto some wisdom from the speakers…

From Cindy Novotny: “Bring back the sparkle.”  “You are not the star.”  “You are the story, work on it!”

From Mindy Weiss:  We are “making dreams for people to remember.”  On my last day at The Breakers I sat in the courtyard surounded by lush landscaping and just sketched…the ideas came pouring out and this black and white sketch was the result.

From Donna Newman:  “Do good business, be true, be honest.”  From Amy Atlas: “Know what you do and do it well.”

Sylvia Weinstock honored the group with a real time look at cake decorating.  Her words “Life teaches you many things…”  say it all.

I have to say, the Engage decor is thrilling, the parties; exciting…no doubt, but the real magic of the event begins now.  It begins as I take a simple thought, a new idea, a fresh way of thinking and turn it into action; action that transforms my art and connects that art in a more meaningful way to couples who entrust us to tell their story everyday.